About Aaron Rochon

At NEXA Mortgage I have control of the process start to finish and direct communication with my underwriting teams. I don’t have a huge database of inbound and outbound leads I’m required to spend my time calling. Instead my work is rewarded by referrals from those who had good experiences with me. This in return allows me to give the attention to each of my clients they deserve with one of the most important financial transactions of their lives.

I have access to over 160+ lenders and every loan product available on the market. I am able search for the best pricing available and loans that have less restrictions and overlays based on what the client needs. I’ve helped multiple families that were told NO by other lenders secure a mortgage on a home. I have taken multiple sales contracts from realtors in the middle of the transaction when other banks couldn’t close AND still met the closing date. On both purchase and refinance transactions I have averaged 15 days or less to clear to close. This also gives my clients an edge on their purchase offers to be able to close quicker than the competition.

We beat out retail bank offers every day. How is that possible? We acquire loans at raw wholesale rates from over 200+ investors. We don’t have to pay salaries to multiple layers of sales managers, VPs, and operations teams. We don’t have shareholders to create a return on investment for. We don’t have retail locations to pay for and we don’t need a budget for super bowl commercials. Less cost passed on to you, the borrower.

If you are in the market for a mortgage please reach out to me. I take pride in guiding you in the right direction to fit your specific financing needs. Every client is different and deserves options that fit their unique scenario.

To those loan officers that are looking for a company that treats you as a business partner and provides you with a platform to do right by your clients please reach out to me. I’ll help you make the transition to mortgage broker.

Aaron Rochon
Mortgage Loan Officer
(816) 872-6708